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Immediately after installing solar, you will notice the significant savings produced by the system:

  • Your power bill will be heavily reduced or even eliminated entirely depending on when you consume power
  • Protected from rising fossil fuel prices
  • Increases property value by up to 5%
  • Small businesses can claim tax benefits to install solar
  • You can sell energy that you don’t use back to the grid for a profit.

Solar power is one of the cleanest and most sustainable sources of energy available. It produces zero greenhouse gasses, such as carbon dioxide and methane – both huge contributors towards global warming.

Traditional electricity relies on energy sources powered by fossil fuels and can use thousands of litres of our limited water sources annually for cooling and processing. In contrast, power from solar panels uses no water.

Solar power will also not be responsible for large oils spills that kills our beautiful sea life and will not pollute our waters like fracking and other oil extraction methods.

Solar energy just needs the sun, which is always readily available, inexhaustible and free!

You can find this information on your power bill, which will be sent to you by your electrical company.

You may receive your bill monthly or quarterly, but if you want one in between the usual billing period, you can call them and ask.

Your bill will usually also include your average cost for energy per day and daily use of kWh.

Gross metering is when all the power your system generates is exported back to the grid automatically, Net metering is when electricity is used in the house and only the excess electricity that is unused is exported to the grid and sold back which can earn credit towards your electricity bill.

Typically, the average solar system (6-8kw) adds approximately 3% to the property. The value it can add is capped at $20K, which is much less than the average cost to have the system installed.

Solar panels work by absorbing sunlight through the PV cells (panels) and generating direct current (DC) energy which is converted to usable domestic (AC) energy with the help of an inverter. AC energy then flows through the home's fuse board and is distributed accordingly.

They do, but not as efficiently as when the suns out. They are around 60-70% less efficient, depending on cloud density. The same thing is true of foggy weather. Don’t worry too much about cloudy days because when you’re looking at return on investment, you’ll be working this out based on the entire year, not any particular day.

If the snowfall sticks, it will act as a blanket on top of the panels and they won’t work. To remove this type of snow, you can hose the panels down, but it is essential to make sure the water is not too warm or the panels can crack due to an extreme and immediate temperature change, just like glass.

Yes! Any home or business can do this.

To go off grid, you must produce enough renewable energy, and have capacity to store it so that you can use the energy at a time that suits your lifestyle. This is when you can disconnect from the power grid and this is what is known as being ‘off grid’.

This is where a battery becomes essential because the battery stores the unused energy that is generated by your solar system during daylight hours and instead of sending this unused energy back to the grid, you can then use it at night when the sun has gone down, and your panels cannot produce energy.

Yes, you will still receive a bill through the mail each quarter/month from your energy retailer. It is realistic to expect 70-80% reduction in bill size post solar installation, although some will be eliminated completely.

Based on your usage either you will owe them money, or they will credit you. There are several factors that will determine this such as:

  • The size of the system you had installed
  • How much power you use
  • The time of the day you consume your power
  • The time of year

Off-grid is when your home is completely powered by your solar system, even in the night.

A solar AC battery is installed to the side of your house and the excess power that you don’t use is stored in the battery and is consumed in the evening. It’s that simple.

So not only will you be saving lots of lovely money you will also be doing your bit to save the environment.

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