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1. Switch to LED bulbs, they are up to 85% more efficient at saving energy than traditional light bulbs. Although they retail for slightly more expensive than a standard bulb this is far outweighed by other benefits

  • The savings you will make
  • They produce more light than a regular bulb
  • They use less wattage
  • Life span is 20 years - instead of 1 with a standard incandescent bulb
  • Produce 10 times less carbon dioxide than standard bulbs

It’s a no brainer – they are SO much better for the environment!

2. Turn appliances off at the wall when they aren’t being used, try to especially do this at night time so you are minimising your consumption when your solar panels aren’t producing energy.

3. Use your largest energy consuming appliances during the day. This is when energy is free! Consider programming your dishwasher or washing machine to perform a cycle during the day and charge your devices such as your laptop ready for use in the evening.

4. Invest in a battery! When you have solar installed this is the best way to get the maximum of your system. Any extra power you produce during the day can be stored and used at night time, if that’s when you find you use it most.

5. Buy new appliances that have a good energy star rating. The better the star rating the more efficient the item is going to be, meaning more savings for you.

6. When heating and AC are running keep doors and windows closed, this way your heat/cool air can’t escape so you can get the most out of it. Try not to keep these systems running longer than you need to.

7. Air dry your laundry rather than use a tumble dryer. These are one of the least energy efficient items in the average home! Make the most of any warm, sunny days and dry laundry outside.

8. A small investment goes a long way with smart power-strips! They cut off energy supply when the appliance is plugged in and has maximum charge, or is not in use. This has the added benefit of also being better for your appliances’ battery life instead of ‘over charging’.

9. Set your automated temperatures to 20° for heating and 24° for air conditioning and only alter them when necessary, this will remind you it is costing more each time you increase or decrease. As a guide - every degree over 20 for heating uses 10% more energy and each degree under 24 uses 5% more energy.

10. 4-minute showers are a huge energy saver, try setting yourself a timer to see if you can do it or make it into a game with the family. (How nice if everyone only took 4 minutes when you are all trying to get to the bathroom in the morning!), and it will save you money)

11. Boil only as much water as you need. Filling the kettle to the brim every time uses more energy to boil and it can be likely that water is being reheated and not even used.

12. Why not use a slow cooker? You can cook your evening meal during the day when your solar panels are working this is very efficient for the energy you are consuming, and dinner will also be ready when you come home! Win-win!

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