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This page describes the process for recording and actioning all customer complaints at Clean Power.

The Managing Director maintains this procedure.

  • Office Manager and Customer Service are responsible for raising customer complaints and ensuring follow up with customers on complaint outcomes.
  • Designated email inbox for complaints is monitored by Office Manager:
  • The Office Manager or delegate generates Reviews if required by this procedure.
  • The Warehouse Manager has responsibilities as defined in this procedure.
  1. Quality Management System on myQuality
  2. Risk Improvement Opportunity Procedure
  3. Review Register
  4. Risk Register
  • All customer complaints are responded to by the Office Manager who is responsible for the processing of the complaint and any follow up response required by the customer.
  • Customer Complaints are analysed and reported in the Review Register. The Reviews will be managed via the Risk Improvement Opportunity Procedure in the Quality Management System.
  • The Managing Director conducts a trend analysis of the customer complaint and reports any significant trends at Management Review Meetings.
  • Should significant trends be evident the issues are escalated to the Risk Register.
  • Reviews are logged and processed by the Office Manager or delegate as described in procedure – Risk Improvement Opportunity.
  • Response rate targets are:
    • One Day for internal corrective action response from the responsible department
    • Two Days for response to customer, or as defined by the customer.
  • The Quality Management System including this procedure is audited as per AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016 requirements and is subject to certification audits annually.
  • Upon receipt of any customer complaint, the originator shall verify the complaint by establishing and obtaining relevant information, including (as required):
    • customer details including address and contact numbers.
    • establish seriousness of the complaint and details of any formal response required by the customer.
    • obtain supporting information
  • Notify the Managing Director by e-mail.
  • Upon receipt, the Office Manager shall review the complaint and if the issue is of a serious nature a Review is to be raised.
  • The Office Manager and Managing Director review the entry on the Register which may include:
    • Establishing traceability of the product.
    • In conjunction with the Office Manager and the customer, establish validity of claims. Where a claim is valid, the Managing Director shall authorise the corrective action.
    • Contacting suppliers and raising a supplier claim.
    • Identifying the department responsible for any internal corrective action.
    • If applicable and the complaint is related to a product issue, then determining whether any product from the same batch is still in stock, and if so, the stock is quarantined for checking and the Warehouse Manager informed by e-mail.
  • The Office Manager or Managing Director records the actions taken on the Review Register.
  • The Managing Director will then further investigate the problem and take the necessary corrective action. All details are recorded on the Review Register.
  • After investigation as per section 4.3, the Managing Director authorises all valid claims by assigning an action or actions to the Review. The Office Manager or delegate ensures all relevant information is recorded, then forwards the original to Customer Service if necessary for the raising of any credit notes.
  • After the credit note is raised, transaction details are recorded on the Review entry.
  • Where product is to be returned the Office Manager arrange pick up of the goods.
  • Customer Service contacts the customer and informs the customer of the planned pick up date.
  • Upon receipt the Warehouse Manager attaches a Hold label to the goods. The returned goods are placed in the dedicated Quarantine Area as per our 9001 responsibilities and remain there until inspected and the manufacturer notified
  • The Managing Director or Office Manager inspects the returned product to confirm action (dump, return or reuse).
  • The Office Manager shall ensure that follow up activities are completed within the specified time.
  • Feedback on outcome of complaints must be provided within 21 days of the original complaint to the customer. If this is not possible the customer must be informed of the need for more time prior to the 21-day mark.
  • Investigation must be completed within 45 days of receipt of the complaint.
  • The customer must be informed in writing of the outcome of their complaint.
  • Once all corrective actions / preventive actions have been completed the Review is assessed, actions taken are reviewed, and where considered complete and effective, the Review is closed, and any associated documents are filed or uploaded to the Review as reference within our Quality Management System.
  • Should the customer be dissatisfied with the outcome of their complaint they will be invited to escalate their complaint to the relevant industry consumer protection organisation.
  • Contact details relevant to the State or Territory where they reside will be provided.

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