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Hyundai Solar Panels

Already a household name, Hyundai produces some of the most popular solar panels on the market, and our Hyundai solar panels allow your solar system to operate at its peak. They have a shingled model that uniquely adapts to shading issues, and they come in an all-black design that looks sleek and sophisticated. By ensuring your panels can support your long-term electricity usage, you are safe knowing that your investment will stand the test of time with our extended warranties.

A popular choice when it comes to choosing panels, Hyundai solar panels are known for their upscale technology and extended product warranty.

  • The panel range extends to serve residential, commercial, and large-scale applications. The new-generation panels boast MonoPerc shingled cells, maximising performance while increasing efficiency.
  • The shingled cell format on Hyundai’s solar panel range creates an overlapping layout proven to increase the shade tolerance of each panel, reduce the risk of micro-cracks caused by extreme heat, and provide an aesthetically appealing appearance to your building.
  • These panels are wired in a way that reduces the need to add DC optimisers for shading concerns because all panels in the string operate independently of each other, to minimise any loss in power.

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What Sets the Hyundai Solar Panels Apart?

These renewable energy products are durable and made according to rigorous production and safety standards. Investing in good quality equipment for your home is a no-brainer. Since your home is usually your most expensive investment, it makes sense to give it the quality it deserves by using tier-one products that you know are safe and backed by a well-known industry name that can offer you the longest warranties in the industry.

Invest in your property’s power generation capabilities with our reliable and affordable solar product selection.

Pairing high-quality solar panel brands like Hyundai with a reputable inverter such as the Fronius solar inverter or the Sungrow solar inverter results in an efficient system for your property. Not only are you investing in clean, renewable energy, but you’ll realise significant cost savings and the peace of mind of a guaranteed power supply.

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