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Solar Inverters

If your solar panels are the ‘face’ of your system, the inverter can be described as ‘the brains’ of the solar power system. It is the component that changes direct durrent (DC) to a usable alternating current (AC) that can power your home. Without an inverter you wouldn’t be able to use the energy your solar panels produce so it’s essential you pair your panels with a reliable inverter to maximise performance.

We only use the best inverters, ones we can endorse based on the length of warranties and proven reliable, safe performance over time.

Our inverters are wifi-compatible which means you get a free monitoring app that allows you to view the energy you are producing VS consuming in real-time (provided you have strong wifi at the location of your inverter).

This allows you adjust your power behaviours to maximise the savings from your system instead of purchasing power from the grid at peak times for a higher price. The other advantage to having the app is real-time fault detection. In the rare event there is an issue, your inverter will indicate this to you straight away so you can be proactive in getting it fixed by our friendly Clean Power technicians.

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