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Solar Power Inverter

The Difference Between a Solar Inverter and Hybrid Solar Inverter

When choosing the components of your solar power system, it is essential to understand the importance of selecting the right equipment to secure maximum savings and optimal system output.

A solar inverter and a hybrid solar inverter offer unique benefits. In both cases, this component is considered the ‘brains’ of your solar power system - essential for converting the sunlight collected by the panels into usable energy for your home.

A standard solar inverter works intelligently with your solar panels to convert your solar power. The system converts DC power into ready-to-use AC power, suitable for most home appliances.

A hybrid inverter will do the same but allows your system to divert unused energy to charge the battery for use later when the sun has set. A hybrid inverter is a smart investment if you anticipate requiring energy storage. Although one of the lesser-known parts of the solar power system, choosing the proper inverter should be a priority.

For example, selecting a Wi-Fi-compatible inverter that lets you see how much power you produce, consume and exchange with the grid in real-time provides valuable insight into maximising your savings.

What Are the Benefits of a Solar Inverter?

Our fully installed systems provide everything you need to produce your own cleaner, greener electricity and save money on your household costs.

  • Full monitoring of your system production vs real-time usage. Knowing how much electricity your home uses means you can adjust when you use power-heavy appliances so that they run while your home is powered by the sun instead of repurchasing power to use at peak times for a higher price.
  • Detect faults immediately. Become alert to the functions of your solar power system. In the rare event, there is an issue, your inverter will indicate this to you straight away.
  • Maximise your savings. You can avoid using grid power during the daytime to significantly reduce your power bills when you have a good-quality solar power system.
  • Improve your carbon footprint. Australia has a Net-Zero target in place for 2030, so every home installing solar power gets us closer to this and positively impacts combating climate change.

Solar 117

Why You Should Consider Using a Hybrid Solar Inverter

If you have a DC-connected solar battery, you will need a hybrid solar power inverter to intelligently divert power to charge your battery when you have excess power. This helps you save even more on your power bill, particularly if your home consumes a lot of energy throughout the evening. The hybrid solar inverter is paired with a battery to reduce your reliance on the grid for power, meaning you completely control your household’s energy costs for the long term.

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